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Collie Clan Gathering - the first national gathering of the Elliot Clan Society (Australia)


Elliot Clan Societies and Branches:

  • Elliot Clan Society - Scotland - the official Elliot Clan Society website is a virtual gathering place for all Elliots, Elliotts, Eliotts, Eliots and anyone else who is interested in the Clan's history.
  • Elliot Clan Society - U.S.A. - the website of the branch of the Elliot Clan Society in the U.S.A.


Elliot-Related Websites and Website Pages:

  • Clan Magazine - a free online magazine run by David P. Elliot, the author of the book: "Clan". The monthly online magazine was originally developed as a vehicle to keep readers of the novel 'CLAN'updated with the latest developments, but it now contains much more than that. The theme of his novel "draws heavily on the Clan system in Scotland in a particularly turbulent period in “The Borders” and includes both contemporary and historical information which will be of interest not only to those who enjoy supernatural or historical  genre, but thriller aficionados as well. But it is not set entirely in the past as the rich and the powerful today are drawn into the evolving plots and conspiracies. The story is told through David Elliot, who is  57, frustrated, out of work and has three failed marriages behind him. When he finds himself out of work in 2007, he goes to the borders of Scotland hoping that his ancestry will help him find some validation of his life."
  • The Reiver Trail: Liddesdale Heritage Centre - "Here in Liddesdale you are deep in the heart of reiver country. The Scottish Middle March was the most lawless part of the whole borderland and some of the worst criminals passed through this area on their way to raid England. 400 years ago reivers lived in the old centre of Castleton further up the valley. It was home to some of the most martial families – in particular, the Elliots..


Other Australian Scottish Organisations:

  • Australian Scottish Community - The aims of the Australian Scottish Community are to promote the involvement of those with Scottish heritage and to promote and maintain the Scots culture and heritage in Australia.


Highland Games & Gatherings:

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Scottish Websites:

  • Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs - The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is the definitive and authoritative body for information on the Scottish Clan System. Within the site you will find information relating to the Standing Council, as well as links to other relevant resources, together with additional information on the Clan system.
  • Panalba is a community for anyone who has a love for Scotland. It includes recommendations for travel and accommodation, special events, blogs and articles from acclaimed Scottish writers.
  • The Scottish Banner is the international monthly publication for expatriate Scots or those with an interest in Scottish culture and tradition.
  • Visit Scotland - the official site of Scotland's national tourism organisation.


Elliot Crest

Boldly and Rightly

Clan Chief

Clan Chief Margaret Eliott
Chief Margaret Eliott
Margaret of Redheugh
Roxburghshire TD9 0SB